Christ Sanctuary has a number of Ministries which serve to help our community know Jesus Christ and make him known.

Home Groups

During the week, some of our people meet in Community Groups in homes around Palmy. These follow a simple format of bible study, discussion, prayer and supper. Most weeks the group leader facilitates a discussion around Sunday's Sermon, exploring the truths and taking it to personal application. Community groups provide a helpful platform to grow in Christian maturity, and in relationship with other believers.

For more information, or to join a group, please email

Children's Church

On Sunday morning during the sermon time, we run Children's Church, often known as Sunday School. This is aimed for children from around age 4 up till 11. It runs most weeks during the school term in the room next to the main auditorium.

Mission Statement: The purpose of Children's Church is to provide a safe environment with age-appropriate Biblical teaching where the children of Christ Sanctuary can come to know Jesus.

Presently we are using the Gospel Project curriculum from Lifeway. The time is facilitated by teachers who are members of Christ Sanctuary, and are aided by a helper. All teachers are police vetted.

Women's Prayer

About once a month on a Saturday morning, the ladies of Christ Sanctuary gather to pray together and have fellowship. Each meeting is themed around certain prayer needs. This ministry was founded with a desire to see the women of Christ Sanctuary be women of prayer.

The Forum

'The Forum' is a public event every few months for teaching, dialogue and occasional debate. The Forum gives an opportunity for us to be challenged to explore topics, philosophies and worldviews that might be outside of the scope of the weekly sermon. We hope that this ministry will be used to encourage intentional Christian thinking, believing and living.

Finally Free

This ministry is named after a book by Heath Lambert, and has grown out of a desire amongst a number of people in the city to show that the hamful affects of pornography and lust can be overcome with the power of grace. We believe that with truth, empathy, confession, and grace, men and women are capable of breaking up with porn and finding a healthy understanding of sexuality. 

To live as freed people


and neighbour


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